The knowledge I gained from the PMP course has not only helped me prepare for the exam, but it has been an invaluable asset for my professional career.

The course instructors not only had real-life experience, but they were able to teach in a way understandable to me. They also genuinely cared about my progress toward passing the exam and my success afterwards.

I was able to immediately utilize on the job the skills and training I received from the classes. Completing the course was one of the deciding factors for my recent promotion and pay raise!

—Aaron Spencer

We have found the professional certification training at BYU to be wonderful. Our employees who certify at Adobe will move into valued project management roles.

—Brad Rencher, Adobe executive

THANK YOU for all of your help preparing us for the Black Belt exam. We all passed!

We really appreciate all of the great preparation you provided. We are already applying what we learned.

Thanks again!

—Brady E., UVRMC

I am grateful for my CAPM training. I am glad you taught us to master the skills and then pass the test, instead of just memorizing facts to pass the test.

Within one year it has paid big dividends in my life, not to mention helping me finish my master's thesis and get a great job. I anticipate I will continue to use the things I learned during the course throughout my career and life.

—Dan Seegmiller

I wanted to tell you thank you for a great course. We were all very impressed with you and your team, and felt you took your work to an exceptional level.

As I talk to folks who have gone through other Six Sigma courses, it becomes ever more apparent that your planning, skill, organization and pride in your work truly hit an exceptional level.

Thank you so much. We will keep in touch and plan to refer people to you.

—Darin H., UVRMC

Thank you for all of your time, energy, and sharing of your expertise. I really enjoy learning from you. I look forward to an ongoing partnership as you come to Adobe and the additional training I will attend.

—Douglas F., Adobe

The professional certification preparation training I have taken from BYU has been wonderful. Each certification looks great on my resume, and more windows of opportunity are now opening for me as I enter my career.

The instructors have been the best I have ever had. I will certainly be calling on BYU again when I am ready to further my professional development training.

—Kellen Slight

When I decided to move forward with Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, I looked at all the universities in northern Utah and southern Idaho. I live in Logan, so I was hoping to find a course close to home. BYU was the only university that offered a course specifically designed to produce certification-ready students. Other universities offer courses on Lean and Six Sigma, but none offer anything that is remotely close to what a working professional actually needs or could participate in without significant time away from the office. Thank you for offering this course and on a schedule that accommodates the working professional.

Coach Fields brings a wealth of real-world experience and knowledge of the principles of Lean and Six Sigma. His presentations are rich with nuggets of pure gold. I have already seen and experienced his passion for promoting these principles and his desire to help others as a coach. I look forward to his further coaching.

—Mike Morley

The Six Sigma training has been invaluable to me in the work place. My way of thinking has been changed forever and so have my work habits...Applying the methods, tools, and concepts from the Six Sigma training has undoubtedly given me the edge that I need inn the workplace today. If you want to get ahead, this is the way to go.

—Mike Simister

The BYU Six Sigma Black Belt training is invaluable. I wish I had done this ten years ago!

—Pierre Eliezer, UTA